The palatial homes in Pune a growing trend. Home Sweet Home. Your Abode.

A home is a place where one lives, breathes, experience the joy and sorrows of life. Home is where your values are taught and mould your personality. Home is where your loved ones stand by your side through thick and thin. Home is where you cherish memories, full fill your dreams and support on the failures your loved ones. Homes in Pune are the place where the bond that builds and grows stronger between the siblings with age and the time spent together that build memories over the years. Home is a place where the rebellious teenager explores a friend in his parent. Luxury Homes are a place where one confides to and feels secured in the days gloom. Home is where the mother discovers her motherhood. It is also a place where the brothers and sister invent the good times.

House is made up of plain white wall with doors and windows but you and your family make it a home more lovingly known as home sweet home. My mom always told me a story whose moral was that a home is a place where one’s mind, body and souls resides. Home is place where one can feels completely comfortable even after the world tour to the heaven on earth. Luxury homes in Pune give every resident the absolute feeling of bliss.

For my words may fall short but the poem by Catlin L. Crawford where he describes about the home, the loved ones at home, the memories, the trees, the childhood and more proves my point in the poetic sense.

When I Think Of Home

When I think of ‘home’ I think of cherry pies
When I think of ‘home’ I think of mulberry trees
When I think of ‘home’ I think of butterflies
When I think of ‘home’ I think of bumble bees

When I think of ‘home’ I think of hummingbirds
When I think of ‘home’ I think of sun brewed tea
When I think of ‘home’ I think of morning walks
When I think of ‘home’ I think of Grandma and me

When I think of ‘home’ I think of hidden trails
When I think of ‘home’ I think of lullabies
When I think of ‘home’ I think of signs of spring
When I think of ‘home’ I think of pumpkin pies

When I think of ‘home’ I think of bedtime stories
When I think of ‘home’ I think of I think of honeysuckle
When I think of ‘home’ I think of roses blooming
When I think of ‘home’ I can’t help but chuckle

Because when I think of ‘home’ I think Heaven
When I think of ‘home’ I think of all that’s kind
When I think of ‘home’ I think of dancing
When I think of ‘home’ Grandma comes to mind.

We all want a home like that and the Urban homes Pune do provide such palatial homes with solidarity, harmony and peace of mind. The Urban Homes has the word “home” in its name because they just don’t give you an open space they give you a home where your heart resides.


Home in Pune – Urban homes is a good guaranteed investment opportunity

Long ago there was farmer who had acres and acres of land. He was a wealthy but yet a kind farmer. He was sought to have known the world. Every problem and every conflict would seek solution from him. Apart from farming he had a hobby of planting various kinds of fruit trees. One day early in the summer morning he was planting a mango sapling. One of sweet little grandchild asked, ‘Grandfather the mango sapling will take time to bear fruit, then why are you planting it if it doesn’t benefit you’. To which the grandfather smiled and responded “Manika, My little birdie, What if, I don’t get the fruits of this tree? You are the one who is going to reap the benefits of the sapling planted by me.” The point of the story is investment is not just a short term but an investment that provides benefit for years. So investment you do needs to be done wisely.  There are three types of investments one being the short term investment, then we have midterm investment and last but not the least one we have long term investment. Usually we all are well acquainted with short term and midterm investment but one when comes to the long term duration type investment one needs to be careful and one should take into the consideration the fact that they need to be good on ROI i.e. return on investments. Eg- we have the real estate properties in pune which quite a promising investment. One can be sure the rates would never deplete of the real estate in country like India and the city like Pune with good weather and all four directions to expand and the fusion of the emerging urban class and the old charm just makes it right kind of place.

Investment is an act of investing in form of money or some document or any money’s worth to reap the benefits after certain span of time and with the invested amount and some sum of bonus along with it. Like we have ‘Life Insurance Company’s life insurance the Jeevan Vima policy’ most commonly known as LIC which charges you minimal premium and at the decided tenure you receive  a payment of the money i.e. the principal amount that you have invested along with bonus included. Let us take more day to day example of the ‘Piggy bank’ where coin by coin or rupee by rupee you keep on adding until one day it is full and when you break it one can use the lump sum money to buy the thing you have been and wishing and collecting for months together.

Similarly the Urban Homes in Pune has offered us such a good long term investment opportunity with higher return on investment aspect in form of the luxurious apartments with right kind of environment and the world class amenities that just make you proud of your own investment and your penny’s worth.

House to home. The best place in the world. Homes in Pune creating magic.

The spaces where you grow up and have memories, you laugh, you cry, you share; you have experience from various facets of life. Luxury homes make this a dream come true.

Today there are plenty of houses for sale but homes are few. Home is place where you live, have memories. It is a place where you feel the comfort even after vacationing at the best destination in the world. I think the Aisha Patterson is best explained with her poem named home.


Home is the place your heart resides
Home is the place that you decide
Home is the womb that holds the soul
Home is the place where one is whole

Home is the glow you hold in your eye
Home is the emotion that makes you cry
Home is safe and a place of peace
Home is where all strivings cease

Home is protective against the others
Home is full of sisters and brothers
Home is where you find your rest
Home is where you feel your best

Home is a memory that follows your being
Home is a dream for those agreeing
Home is the place where reserves fall
Home is the place you yearn to call

Home is where the family meets
Home is a place of restful retreats
Home is the place you know you’ll be heard
Home is the place where nothing blurs

Home is all these wonderful things
Home is the place you develop wings
Home is the place that you’ll find one day
Home is the place where your heart will stay 

By Aisha Patterson 

We all are in search of house that will give you a sense of warmth and feels like home. Dream house that complements our needs and fulfils your space and makes you feel comfortable and secured.

As said in the poem it is all. It is the ship through which you make the journey of life. We all are looking for such home sweet home, but in this ever-growing city it is difficult to find a house that suit maximum or all needs. There may be some shortcomings at times, but a wrong choice with your dream home can be equally catastrophic. If you were to buy a House in Pune with the most excellent amenities, you would definitely think about your children and the environment they grow up. Basically the  kind of people who would be living in the building, the kind of friends he would make, the kind of activities he/ she  would pursue and the travelling distance he would have to cover for his school and classes. And these are just a few of the innumerable considerations you would take into account before even short listing a home. Also it is not only about the kid but your wife who is equally important part of life.

Today the child is engaged in various activities like sitting on computers or playing games on mobiles. They prefer staying indoors watching TV or playing Video Games rather than being in nature and play like the golden days. This is the worry of every parent. With a home in Pune that offers multiple opportunities for children to enliven their childhood, life gets sweeter.

Giving a new dimension to Pune Real Estates – Urban Homes Grand Projects

The real estate in Pune scenario has been booming rapidly. The prices are hiking tremendously and the investors are gaining good returns. As for the home makers, it is a pleasant change since luxurious projects are coming up in the city on a large scale. Luxury homes in Pune are now becoming more like a fad and of course the need is increasing with each passing day. The increasing incomes in the sector are leading to people spending extravagant amounts on a good lifestyle. Today, a professional would not want to compromise on comforts since he is working really hard to earn the money that can buy him good comforts.

Pune Real Estates understand this phenomenon and coming up with projects that give you all the benefits under one roof. Be it an exuberant swimming pool, a club house, a walking track, party space, squash court, children’s play area, senior citizen’s park, barbeque area, community hall, fitness area and much more!

Keeping all this in mind, Home Realty, a joint venture between Sanklecha Constructions and VTP Constructions bring you the Urban Nirvana, a housing project for those who value quality above all. Urban Nirvana is a project by these for you to witness an experience like never before! It has been a successful venture by Urban Homes and has been the living dream for all its dwellers. The resourceful libraries, acupressure park for absolute fitness, the warmth of club house, splash of freshness in the swimming pool, solace of a garden for senior citizens and innocence of childhood is what Urban Nirvana gives you. It awakens your spiritual side to live a nirvana for a lifetime!

After the successful completion of this project, Urban Homes has ventured into a new one called Urban Space. With exquisite 3 & 4 BHK Apartments, this housing project is one to die for but calls you to live your life at its best. You can experience your life like never before when you are here. The open skies, the inviting private pool, the spacious rooms and the luscious greenery all around can only be witnessed to believe it!

The location of Urban Space has been chosen very carefully. We have picked NIBM, the central yet peaceful locale to make your dream home a reality. The booming Real Estate in Pune totally spoils the customer for choice and we just make yours easier. Living at Urban Space, you can experience the eternal peaceful life you always wanted. Your children will live their childhood to the best while your parents can enjoy the second innings of their life in a tranquil atmosphere. A home that always guarantees happiness for each and every member of the family is what a man always wants. Experience happiness at Urban Space. The magic of the universe recreated; the beauty of the stars replicated and the unmatched luxury crafted with special care just for you.

Choose the right home in Pune for a better upbringing of your children

We all look for the perfect dream house. The home that is pure, soulful, blissful and a reflection of your personality. For someone who has achieved many milestones of success, a home is just another feather in the hat. But for someone who is starting their journey, the home is like your first step. It’s like the first movement you make towards success. Just like baby steps…moving ahead towards your journey in life. A home defines those movements and can make or break your journey. As much as a good home can change your life, a wrong choice with your dream home can be equally disastrous.

They say luxury homes are an everyday affair now. Every successful person owns one and every budding businessman aspires one. But what happens about the people who are a close knitted part of your home – the future of your life – your children. As a parent, it is the responsibility of every individual to give his child the best possible atmosphere to grow and develop into a good human being. And even though the times are changing and making things come closer to you, they are also making the right growth of children difficult by each passing day.

If you were to buy a House in Pune with the best amenities, you would most definitely think twice about your child and his future. The kind of people who would be living in the building, the kind of friends he would make, the kind of activities he would pursue and the travelling distance he would have to cover for his school and classes. And these are just a few of the innumerable considerations you would take into account before even short listing a home.

Unlike earlier times, children today spend most of their spare time on computers or playing games on mobiles. They prefer staying indoors watching TV or playing Video Games rather than being in nature and play like the golden days. And somewhere, in the process their growth is hampered. The mixing up with other kids, being friendly, experiencing emotions beyond technology and getting to know the outer world through various explorations is somehow reducing with every day and is a cause of concern for every parent.

They all now look for a home in Pune that would give their child space to grow, an atmosphere to be bold and challenging and vicinity to become a good person. Be it amenities like playgrounds, cycling tracks or swimming pools or just a wide area for them to be themselves and indulge in activities they like – homes that provide these are the ones every parent seeks. A child’s growth is very important to every parent and every thoughtful housing project has kept this in mind today. Homes that are in areas with peace and tranquility with a lot of greenery and space for children to make the best of their childhood are homes that are dreams come true for every parent.

Living in a luxury Apartment gets easier with growing Pune Real Estates!

We all want a home that spells luxury. One that makes life easier and happier. One that combines all the benefits of an apartment into a home that loves you. We all crave to find that perfect home – that dream house that is made especially for you. Crafted with all the special ingredients for a luxurious living, homes are an extension of your identity. They define your personality in every way – every room, every window and every corner. Choose a home that feels like your dream home, one that offers every comfort, every benefit and warmth that helps you connect with yourself, your family and your lovely home!

There were times when homes had only the basic amenities and yet people were happy. But as the days progressed, the income increased and so did the expectations with your home. People started realizing the importance of having a lavish home where they can get all the comforts. Also, with the increased pressures and stress levels, the importance of going back to a home that is your personal space and is away from all the worries and city woes grew multifold. Every businessman or employee that can afford the peace will want to give his family only the best. He wants a home that is calm, serene and makes him forget all his worries and tensions and just relax and rejuvenate.

In recent times a number of projects are coming up that keep in mind this philosophy and present homes that are loved by one and all! Urban Space at NIBM road is one that project that is luxurious in every aspect. Marvel Sangria in the same area is just another such project that is surrounded by luxury in every aspect!

Social Media is making buying a home even easier since you get a complete knowledge about the property without visiting it. With forums, you can know what other fellow home seekers have to say about a particular property or builder and in case of bad reviews; you can take a call on your decision. Also, Google reviews, facebook, twitter and other social platforms help a buyer to take his decision. You get to see numerable photos and other plans of your dream home through the internet! So even if you are planning to buy a home in another city, it becomes easy.

So go ahead and choose your Luxury Home in Pune and give your family the very best. Make good use of the hard earned money and let your family breathe pure serenity and luxury. With the increase in Real Estate in Pune, every home seeker has a number of possibilities and options opened out for him. Once you decide the area you want to stay in based on your preferences, be it schools, work, or commercial distances, you can narrow down your options and then make your dream come true!

A Glimpse of Real Estate in Pune, Choose A Developing Locale For Your Home

A Long Process – The Search for your Dream Home

Real Estate in Pune is growing multifold as an industry. The sector is booming with rapid growth and more and more money flowing in. It is a good sign for the realtors and the investors since the returns are tremendous. But for a home seeker, the choice getting wider is not much of a breather. He is spoilt for choice and hence making the decision only becomes worse. Right from the budget to the builder, locale, amenities, quality, execution time and so much more are the common concerns of any buyer looking for a Home in Pune.

Since it is one of the highest involvement decision anyone will make in their entire life, this decision takes up years sometimes. You may find a good location but not so good price, a good project but not a trusted builder, a good deal but not very convenient and so on. It is difficult to find a completely perfect home. And it is this continuous search that every home seeker wants to end soon. Be it newspapers, magazines, hoardings, internet or any other medium of advertising, a person who is investing a huge amount of money, will make sure he goes through every possible media to ensure his decision is a well informed one.

Take a walk through Urban Space

Urban Space, a luxurious project at NIBM, is one of its kinds. Not only will it make your search easier, but it will also guarantee complete satisfaction. Out of the many Pune Properties, this one is coupled with the best amenities, backed by a renowned company and fitted into your budget aptly. But we do not want you to believe our words only. Take a look at our photos, ads and the site and you will know what we are talking about.

The Builders

VTP Group, one of the most growing builders, Pune. They are a dynamic company that has been raising the bar of quality and success for more than 25 years. With a modest start in the cement and steel industry, the company has grown to become the largest distributor of cement and steel in Maharashtra. The company has now diversified into the Construction and Hospitality industry with Cypress, a 4 Star luxury Hotel in Kalyaninagar, Pune and Urban Nirvana – a 180 apartments project in Kharadi, Pune. With the recent launch of Urban Space, a premium housing project on NIBM road, Pune, the company is establishing its foothold in the real estate industry.

The Area

Renowned Schools such as VIBGYOR and DPS, a Multiplex and elite Mall by the famous Dorabjees coming up and a number of restaurants and shopping complexes make NIBM a very apt location for a blossoming family life. Calm as well as Convenient, Happy as well as Happening and Developing as well as Dynamic. Come live at NIBM.

A Decision

Choose Urban Space as your home and see your life change in a big way. Your children will love the space and play area, your wife would b more than happy to have all her needs met, your parents will enjoy the strolls in Senior Citizen Parks and you will be happy to spend your money in just the right place that bought you so much happiness in your family!